Private View

Cynthia Poole: Gold Pieces & other Explorations
March 15, 2017
Private View

The opening unveiled 23 new paintings; Cynthia's latest projects include experimentations with gold leaf as well as compositions influenced by the works of Giorgio Morandi. Two new paths she began exploring in 2016. This exhibition brings together Poole's fascination with everyday, domestic objects and her new found interest in combining contemporary objects and medium with a more traditional material and an abstract twist. This juxatposition works incredibly well and the iridescent qualities of the gold leaf areas add clairty and dominance to these intricately detailed ordinary items.



 The gold leaf paintings hold a certain mystique that can only be appreciated in person. Poole's exhibition is now open to the public and runs until 15th April, 2017, we hope you have the chance to come and visit these spectacularly unique, Hyper-realistic, still life paintings.


'Frankfurter' Acrylic on gessoed board with gold leaf, 51 x 51 cm and 'Water Cooler Cup' Acrylic on canvas with gold leaf, 25 x 25 cm




'Deliberate Arrangements 1' Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 100 cm and 'Deliberate Arrangements 2' Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 100 cm       



Please contact the gallery for more information on Cynthia Poole's exhibition 020 7730 7656 or email


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