Artist in Focus: Andres Castellanos

August 5, 2019
'Flatiron Building' Acrylic on board, 73 x 100 cm
'Flatiron Building' Acrylic on board, 73 x 100 cm


'Shopping Center N.Y.' Acrylic on canvas, 114 x 162 cm


Quick Overview
Born 1956, Madrid, Spain. 
Lives Madrid, Spain.
Studied Castellanos studied at the University of Fine Arts in Madrid, where he became a professor of Artistic Anatomy. He graduated with the title of Doctor in Fine Arts.


'Barcelona' Acrylic on board, 73 x 60 cm


When he was just twenty years of age Castellanos was commissioned by the Army Ministry to paint a portrait of the King Juan Carlos I. From then on he began to gain recognition; in 1985 he had much success with his painting ‘Bus Stop’. He won a number of awards including the Antonio Rincon National Award and the Penagos Drawing Award and was published in many journals within the Spanish art scene.


'Limmat River' Acrylic on board, 81 x 130 cm



'Bahnhofstrasse' Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 162 cm


Today Castellanos is best known for his urban landscape paintings although he does not like being referred to as a thematic painter. Castellanos says his main source of inspiration are the cities and the people with whom he lives, he aims to capture the day to day life as he see's it. Castellanos tends not to plan ahead when it comes to his next painting, he prefers to wander the streets of the cities he visits until he is struck by the perfect composition, he describes his works are windows into what he see's.


'The Girl by the Lake' Acrylic on board, 73 x 60 cm



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