Andres Castellanos


Andres Castellanos was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, in 1956. He has a Bachelors and Doctorate degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Madrid. Living in Madrid allowed Castellanos to visit the world famous Prado Museum where he became an official copyist for the museum for 4 years. During this time he gained the opportunity to learn from the great masters, painters such as Velazquez, Goya and Rubens were of great influence.


Andres Castellanos started out as a copyist which completely influenced his career path. It gave him the necessary academic training to compose and execute the detailed hyperrealist urban landscape paintings he creates today.
He captures everyday scenes of cities he visits quite often, the majority of the time they include water, albeit rain, river or lake - a great tool used to allow hyperrealist artists to capture light and reflection thus enhancing the realistic qualities within the works.


When he was just twenty years of age Castellanos was commissioned by the Army Ministry to paint a portrait of the King Juan Carlos I. From then on he began to gain recognition; in 1985 he had much success with his painting ‘Bus Stop’. He won a number of awards including the Antonio Rincon National Award and the Penagos Drawing Award and was published in many journals within the Spanish art scene.


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