October 18, 2017






‘Nothing. Life. Object’ (Fish in Glass), 126 x 126 cm, 2015, Oil on canvas


Young-sung Kim’s breath taking still life paintings have been featured on the Mail Online and they are impressing everyone as much as they did us, when he first walked into the gallery two years ago.


Young-Sung Kim is a Korean artists and was born in Seoul in 1973. Kim has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide and has been honoured with many awards including the Korea Youth Biennale in 1996.


Through his paintings, Young Sung Kim visually critiques the level at which we place “value” on objects both commercially and ethically. Kim uses contrasting subject matter to illustrate the distinction between the living and the material. It seems that as a society our ideas of how something is valued are intrinsically rooted in commerce. Kim seeks for the viewer to question the meaning and “value” of living creatures in our modern society.

Kim’s paintings are part of numerous private collections and the permanent collections of the Seoul City Museum of Art, Art Retreat Museum and many more


You can view all his available works HERE.


You can read the article HERE.




‘Nothing.Life.Object’ (Frog on Spoon), 117 x 73 cm, 2015, Oil on canvas | ‘Nothing.Life.Object’ (Snail on Spoon), 117 x 73 cm, 2015, Oil on canvas


‘Nothing. Life. Object’ (Frog on Gear), 162 x 130 cm, 2014, Oil on canvas






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