Gustavo Fernandes


The paintings of Portuguese hyperrealist Gustavo Fernandes are creative and bold. Fernandes uses a variety of objects, landscapes and people to create a kind of oasis in time. Like many other hyperrealist artists, Fernandes uses his camera to capture these specific moments, which develop into his diverse subject matter, whether it’s women lazing on a boat on a hot summer’s day or a man diving into crystal clear waters.

"When I start a work, I live for it and only rest when I reach perfection, attempting to create as much realism as possible.”


- Gustavo Fernandes

Fernandes picks out specific instances which he believes carry an atmosphere worth bringing to life through his painting. It is essential to mention that he does not manipulate any of the photographs he takes; he is devoted to securing the truth in every occasion he paints. Using a camera allows Fernandes to focus on details that may not be seen or remembered if the time had passed by, thus allowing him to create such exquisite hyper realistic compositions.

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