JKB Fletcher was born in the UK, where he first developed a love for oil painting and photorealist imagery. Since moving toAustralia, Fletcher has turned his focus to the beauty and sensuality of the female figure, creating ambiguous artworks that appear to piece together the different parts of the female nude. His technique demonstrates perfectionist skill. Having first taken hundreds of photographs of models in various poses, Fletcher carefully chooses the appropriate images, before spending over 100 hours layering oil on canvas. According to the artist, ‘Physically my painting is about creating form, depth and structure with less than one millimetre thick oil over the surface…developing a recognisable image with the use of colour’. His vibrant and sensual work secured Fletcher’s position as a finalist in the 2011 Metro Gallery Art Award. He is represented in both Australian and international collections.


My paintings address questions of whether photorealism or hyperrealism is anything more than a photograph with oil based paint. Using ‘reality’ and sensuality, surface, texture, contrast and form to provoke thoughts and sensations of physicality and beauty.


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