Winter Show 2014: A brilliant hyperrealist group display showcasing the direction of our different artists in 2014

12 February - 8 March 2014

Don’t miss the celebration of Hyperrealism at Plus One Gallery brought by our annual Winter Show! As the first show of the year, it represents the latest artworks from hyperrealist artists from all over the world that we are proud to represent:

in still life: Paul Beliveau, Antonio Castelló, Francois Chartier, William Lazos, Cynthia Poole, Glen Semple, Sarah Sibley, Adrian Smart, Jason Walker and Harold Zabady

in Landscape & Urban Landscape: Mike Briscoe, David Kessler, Christian Marsh, Luis Perez, Carlos Pulido, Peter Rocklin, Paul de Roy, Denis Ryan, Tad Suzuki and David Wheeler

in Portrait & Human Figure: Jacques Bodin, Paul Cadden, JKB Fletcher, Mike Francis, Simon Hennessey, Stéfan Nandancée, Scott Simpson and Craig Wylie

in Sculpture: Caroline d'Andlau Hombourg, Carole Feuerman, Jamie Salmon and Barry Woodcraft

Plus One Gallery specializes in one of the most challenging types of contemporary art - hyperrealism, which requires a vast amount of skill and attention to detail in order to capture reality and frame it into the artwork. Although very different and unique in their working styles all participants of the show display the phenomenal talent associated with hyperrealism which has made these artists known as a highly achieving in this sophisticated art genre.

Still life and mass culture reflections, peaceful nature scenes and busy urban cityscapes, lifelike human figures along with sculptures that look as if thought they are about to open their eyes – we open this year’s exhibition season with a very large variety of works for everyone’s taste and enjoyment.

This is reality happening right in front of you – this is what we call art.