Paul Beliveau


Born: 1954, Canada 


What does Marilyn Monroe have in common with Albert Einstein, Elvis Presley with Mao Zedong or Federico Fellini with Tintin? Not much at a glance. But in fact they all have something in common with each other: they have been painted by Paul Beliveau, a Canadian artist who's exclusive focus is to paint books - book spines especially – from his own book collection but also from his imagination.


Paul Beliveau links his passion for books to his early childhood during which his uncle would lend him books on great artists to make up for occasionally missing their regular fly-fishing excursions. What truly fascinates, intrigues and charms one to fall in love with his paintings, is the particular composition of the books he selects and invents for depiction. Each individual book is carefully chosen and placed to create balance in the painting, with equal consideration going to its visual qualities, its reference in time and to what it will evoke emotionally in imaginary content.


The artist attained his Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts from in 1977. Recognized for his expertise in drawing, engraving and painting, Beliveau has had more than sixty solo exhibitions across Canada and the United States. The recipient of numerous prizes in visual arts and of multiple grants from the ‘Canada Council’ as well as the ‘Ministère des Affaires Culturelles du Québec’, he has taken part in several committees and juries as specialist in the visual arts.



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