Harold Zabady


 Harold Zabady started his professional art career in central Pennsylvania, at a school district that concentrated on art education and was surrounded by other school districts that viewed art as an important subject area, educating high school students and preparing them to attend the best  art colleges and universities possible.


While attending to his professional duties he painted constantly and participated in many national exhibitions.


Many started in the state of Pennsylvania: The New Realism – A Closer Look  at  the Harrisburg Art Association and then  to Contemporary Realism  Invitational Exhibition at the Leslie Levy Gallery , Scottsdale, AZ.


Always a supporter of art in PA, he was also a member of the Commonwealth Invitational Realism in Pennsylvania 1950-2000 at the State Museum.


This show lead to a Purchase Award , and his painting is on permanent display at the State Museum.


He also has a purchase award from the NEA in Washington, as well as a commissioned portrait from the AFL-CIO of PA.


There are many State of the Art exhibitions that follow his career. Most of the juried shows have over 800 entries and select around 150 artists to exhibit. He won first place for his painting titled Lacquer and Chrome.


He exhibited in a juried show at the New Jersey Visual Arts Centre, solo at the AACA Museum and the Southern Vermont Art Centre.


He was awarded the Allied Artist Award at the prestigious Butler Institute of American Art.


While exhibiting, he also was published in the British Car Magazine (1996-1998) and again in 2001. 

He was featured in an article in The Artist Magazine: A Driving Passion and Antique Automobile,  Automotive Quarterly  and Octane Magazine .


He has sold works through the OK Harris Works of Art, NYC, NY


He is currently represented by the Plus One Gallery , London SW1W SPH


For purchase enquiries and costs, or to arrange a viewing, please contact our team at info@plusonegallery.com or phone the gallery directly on 020 7730 7656.