Born: 1977, Utah, USA 


Tom Betts began his artistic career by studying art at university and then going on to complete a masters in the study of Ephemeral Realism, which was conceived to help balance societal Ideal Realism. Tom Betts practice focuses on the depiction of light, colour and texture- something he has mastered over the years. This means Betts realisations are atmospheric paintings that lure the viewer in.


'Light in my work is meant to seem transitory like a story that takes a few moments to tell then fades into memory. Watching these tales of light flicker and come together to build something so beautiful and subtle is the reason I paint and seeing the life grow from it continues to feed my desire to understand and relate it.” - Tom Betts


Tom Betts’ exquisitely rendered artworks undoubtedly fit into the tradition of realist painting, but there is far more at work here than meets the eye. Adding deep layers of meaning and metaphor to the containers, cups, landscapes and lights that dominate his oil paintings, the California-based painter takes realism to sophisticated new levels, successfully employing figuration to capture more elusive concepts, such as the nature of existence, in a way more commonly achieved through abstraction.





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