Stephen Fox is a veteran Photorealist painter whose work blurs the lines between the documentation of an observable place and the quiet filter of the artist’s sensibilities. In looking at his work we can see how we are firmly rooted in the context of recognizable and faithfully executed form and place; at the same time there is a pervasive sense of mystery, a quest for feeling infusing the world of fact.


Artist Statement


“I am primarily a painter of the contemporary nighttime landscape, places brought into a state of relative quiet as human activity diminishes and the bathing light of the sun is replaced by artificial lighting or the moon’s silver glow. In these familiar places gone partially dark and less observed, the landscape takes on some of the attributes of a theatre set, certain objects or areas thrust into definition by the unintentional vagaries of interacting light sources. It is a world of light and shadow in constant movement, as something as brief as the passage of a car can suddenly transform a formless world into a living canvas of color and chiaroscuro, there for a few moments before receding into darkness once again. In my painting process I witness, photograph and also invent these moments of temporary clarity, working into paint a balance of the clearly seen and that which was only hinted at, there to be glimpsed and perhaps studied before being swallowed, completely ordinary mysteries either sliding back into darkness or evaporating into the equally canceling light of the rising sun.”


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