Paul Day is among the leading young sculptors in Britain today. Responsible for such work as the highly acclaimed Battle of Britain relief situated on the Embankment and the controversial Meeting Place in St. Pancras Station, he more recently won the competition to produce The Queen Mother's Memorial which is now located in the Mall.


Day has spent more than twenty years developing a highly personal approach to figurative sculpture using high-relief, an art form that combines drawn composition and fully rounded sculpture. Each of the British artist's work reflects his observations of architectural detail and human activity, displaying his extraordinary skill and his unique take on depth and perspective.


His form of art is singularly difficult to categorise in terms of contemporary artistic idioms. His sculptures in terracotta, resin and bronze amalgamate architecture and people in such three-dimensional reliefs that the subjects and themes come to life with captivating realism and transfixing detail.


The architectural detail of some of his works is remarkable. His terracotta interpretations of gothic churches and opera theatres engage the viewer in its ornate attributes and intelligent use of light and shadows, with solitary figures bringing perspective as if true to size. Another element in Day's sculptures is his use of reflection in materials that do not typically echo light such as terracotta. His series of human head sculptures are given extra depth by the reflections carved into the sunglasses of his subjects.


In some instances people are brought to life within themes, such as Day's Battle of Britain relief. This powerful and emotional monument has a compelling narrative of war and the grimacing faces of pilots as they scramble for their planes.


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