Chris Klein


Chris Klein is a British artist born in 1959 and currently shares his time between Quebec and Ontario in Canada. Chris is known for his costumes paintings inspired mainly in theater but also movies, museum collections and the world of fashion.


Klein paints original costumes used by actors and performers that have been worn in major Hollywood and Broadway productions, and states that “working in cinema is always fun, some of the sets can be the most amazing fantasy scenes, you can just step through a door and you’re in another world.” These costumes are characterized by their fabric and rich details, draperies and texture making his work incredibly unique.


Recently he has painted from the Royal Ceremonial collection in Kensington Palace in London, produced a commission from Disney for The Lion King, and been invited by Dame Zandra Rhodes to paint from her fashion collection. Zandra designed the famous shirts worn by Freddy Mercury and Brian May from Queen. Chris has painted the original shirt that Freddie fell in love with, and is currently working on more paintings, including some of Brian May's own collection.





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