Vadim Klevenskiy


Vadim Klevenskiy was born in 1964 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (formerly USSR). Throughout his schooling years, Klevenskiy was always involved in education that focused on art and its many forms. He has received much training and inspiration through various professors and art institutions and graduated from college with a degree in Teaching of Drawing and Painting and another degree in Art Design of Feature Films and TV. Following his studies, Vadim worked at the movie studio “Moldova-Film” in Kishinev, Moldova and with art galleries in Moscow and Yaroslavl, Russia.


In 2002 he moved to South Florida, USA, which marked the beginning of a very fruitful chapter in his life and the inspiration behind his creative work.


Settling in South Florida on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, it was impossible for him not to start painting it. Vadim has always been interested in the sea and through the years he has sketched the Black Sea, Baltic Sea and Aegean Sea as well, but none has made it to a canvas like the Atlantic Ocean. He does remark though that “it has been a wonderful experience to see how different the seas and the waves look depending on where they are.” For the past 13 years, Klevenskiy photographed and sketched the Atlantic coast of South Florida at different times and weather conditions and rendered his favorite photographs/ sketches in his oil on canvas paintings.






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