American artist Ralph Goings is one of the original members of the photorealist group of the 1960s. One of the hallmarks of this movement was the skilful reproduction in paint of the everyday and Goings was and still remains a pioneer of this. From snapshots of parked trucks in the Californian suburbs, to ketchup bottles in an American diner, they have all been rendered in discerningly stunning watercolour detail.


A native Californian, Goings reflects aspects of the American lifestyle that are so often ignored in art. His watercolour depictions of parked trucks in urban scenes reflect the mobile nature of the American lifestyle. The so-called American dream is conveyed in a way that suggests if you don't like the place you are in, there's always a nearby highway that allows you to escape to somewhere else. In this sense, Ralph Goings' paintings reflect the fine balance between American optimism and melancholy.


In 1974, Goings moved to upper New York State and with this change of scenery came a change in subject focus. His attention moved from suburban streets to the interiors of fast food joints and American diners. His paintings of salt and pepper shakers and napkin holders in exploded scale draw our attention to the everyday experience of American life.


Goings has said his recent paintings are about light and the about the way items change in different environments. The myriad of hyperreal textures and reflections Goings adds to his watercolours produce beautiful sensory illusions, momentarily spotlighting everyday items and reminding us of the beauty in the mundane.


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