David Finnigan


David Finnigan studied fine art at Falmouth School of Art, specialising in painting, graduating in 1988. Since then his work has been exhibited widely and is held in private and corporate collections nationally and internationally.


"I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. In the main, my work has been rooted in the traditions of photorealism and realism painting." 


“I am motivated by the visual ephemera surrounding us all and look for strong compositions or indeed situations or places which have the potential to be modified into a composition which will then work as a painting."


“I have over the years used many different techniques to aid in the making of my work. These include the use of software 3D modelling and rendering, photography and the use of sets of photographs from a given location, photographs from different places and which are sometimes taken years apart and the use of traditional techniques such as making pencil studies or oil studies made in situ."


“Having this flexible approach with regard to these various techniques and processes, enables me to keep them in the background and not lose sight of my goal to strive to create a unique, original and beguiling painting.”