Stephan Kaluza


Stephan Kaluza was born in Bad Iburg, Germany in 1964  and now lives and works in Dusseldorf.  He is well known as an established painter, photographer and as an author of plays, novels and non-fiction books. Kaluza studied Art History and Philosophy which has deeply impacted his work.


Stephan has been in love with nature since a very young age and his paintings are the purest depictions of it. The ‘Transit II’ series is  divided into breathtaking seascapes and forests based in many photos taken from the ancient Teutoburger Ward Forest (where he has a house deep in the middle of it) and from the wilderness of the tropical jungles of the Amazon, Indonesia and Uganda.


With the fusion of these two very different kind of forests, Stephan creates these magical and powerful works where he depicts the hidden power of nature and creation beautifully. His larger-than-life paintings draw the viewer in to contemplate and wonder on this fantastic world that still surrounds us.


Today Stephan Kaluza’s work can be found in many collections around the world.

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