Alexandra Klimas


 Alexandra Klimas produces portraits of farm animals, mainly cows. According to Klimas, the cows are disappearing from the landscape mainly through the rise of mega farms in the Netherlands, where they are not allowed outside to graze. From an early age, Klimas was concerned with the fate of these good-natured beasts as she thinks they represent what happiness is supposed to look like, almost manifesting themselves as human characters with their emotions reduced to a primary level.


 "We live in a world where a child does not know where milk comes from."Out of a pack" or "out of the shop" would be their answer. Long ago, in the Netherlands you could see a lot of pigs outside. This is already not the case anymore. Many children do not even know what they look like. This is also happening to the cows. You get more and more mega farms where cows are no longer allowed outside to graze. If people choose to buy meat/milk/butter/eggs, then they should also be responsible for giving the animals a better life. In the Netherlands, for example, you can choose what milk you want to buy. Milk from cows that were allowed outside or milk from cows that are always inside. Becoming aware of what you eat and drink in this throwaway society is important." - Alexandra Klimas

Artists have been depicting animals for millennia. Yet animals have rarely played the lead role in works of art. Horses have played the role of servant in nearly every painting they have featured in, either dragging a plough or carrying their master.

In Klimas’ paintings, the relationship between humans and animals is a constant yet indirect element. This relationship is often an interesting one. 



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