Ben Johnson's paintings are to be read iconically. They engage the eye and challenge our understanding of space and geometry. Johnson is committed to architecture, which he sees as the ultimate human endeavour. For him, it is where the search for completeness and peace ends. He is dedicated to communicating a profound understanding of universal geometry by the medium of painting.


From 'Reflections on Infinity', by Colin Amery (Perspectives, August '95)


And what is the intention behind these immaculately clean and tidy paintings? The titling is a clear indicator that they have nothing to do with the inevitable but not very lofty impulse to buy postcards of the memorable places we visit. What Johnson wants to capture is not the accidentals of an interior, but the essence. He understands perfectly the lesson of most photorealism: the more minutely particular a painting is, the more universal it is likely to prove.


From: “Exactitude: Hyperrealistic Art Today”, by John Russell Taylor (Plus One Publishing) 


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