Naoki Onogana


Japanese artist Naoki Onogana creates beautiful bonsai trees adorned by hundreds of tiny origami cranes. Inspired by the legend of the 1000 origami cranes which promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods, Onogana creates his trees with resin and wire and then individually folds the tiny cranes from coloured paper to act as the leaves of the tree. The works a delicate, precise and exquisite.


“Since ancient times, Japanese people have been mindful of natural phenomenon. While confronting our fears of the natural world, we worship and co-exist in harmony with nature. As one symbol of nature, trees possess a life force which lies in all-natural things… I’ve tried to endow my artworks with this energy. Through looking at my works, I hope you can feel this life force too.”

- Naoki Onogana