Antonis Titakis


Greek artist Antonis Titakis has dedicated his craft to the representation and recreation of crashing waves. He is a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts. Since then his work has been on show in the Athens War Museum and in the 2099 Athens Biennale.

His large scale ‘wave paintings’ explore the textures, colours and movement found in the ocean; and when you look closely at his works you can see why this subject matter is yet to bore him. Replicated the ocean is a complex and engaging process. Waves can symbolise change and emotions, which is something that Titakis’ is drawn to. Having lived by the see since his childhood he feels a great connection to the sea…

“When I see a sea wave, I also see an expression of feelings like the one we can observe by looking at a human face. But it is a different sense of expression that makes me feel ecstatic and joyful ...”