Flavia Munarriz

Prices from £8,000 - £10,000


In her work, Flavia Munarriz explores the role of art in today’s society: its close relationship with publicity, industrial design and decoration, as well the confusion about the concept of art itself, its production and consumption. The way artwork today looks is no longer defined by artistic theories, and as a result, almost any “product” can be considered art. The need for the artistic objects to be different from the ordinary objects disappears. Flavia Munarriz recognizes in her work, whilst retaining a critical and reflective point of view, that artworks can look like ordinary objects, publicity products or products of mass-consumption, and thus everything is susceptible to become a piece of art.


To reflect on the implications of mass culture and production on artistic practice, Flavia Munarriz resorts to traditional methods to create her consciously constructed “masterpieces” that act as a thoughtful social commentary.


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