Jean-Pierre Kunkel

Jean-Pierre Kunkel was born in France in 1950 and now lives and works in Germany. He studied at the Art Academy in Munich and the Lerchenfeld Art College in Hamburg. He worked as a freelance advertising illustrator for 40 years before concentrating solely on his own work.

His great artistic skill can be seen in his paintings of woman in pools; using a variety of techniques including airbrushing, photography, image editing and oil on canvas.  He strives for the aesthetic ideals and so collates several pictures to form the perfect composition. Playing with colour intensities, light reflections and surface textures to create playful and complex.

He has shown his work around the world including France, Germany, Amsterdam and the UK.


"The act of painting allows me to intensify the uniqueness of the moments I previously captured with the camera, and to adapt it according to my own ideal."

- Jean-Pierre Kunkel