Antonio Castello

In today’s fast-paced and hectic world, Antonio Castello Avilleira offers us a rare moment of

reflection in his superbly timeless paintings. He arrests fleeting moments, such as the ripeness
of fruit, to great effect, thus exploring nature at its most fragile. Yet his exquisite artwork is not just
another memento mori; he also invigorates new life into the classic still life genre; he
seamlessly blends a classical technique of painting with a modern photographic approach of
framing and documenting. The result is a take on the world that is both fresh and timeless.

"By stripping the picture of any anecdotic elements, and only depicting those details which can
stand the test of time, I am thus updating iconographic motifs. I am trying to reflect on the
greatness of the least, stopped in all its fragility.


LIVING NATURE: it is a project devoted to explore little details of the nature. By means
of the classic still life genre, I update iconographic motifs and therefore I completely strip
the picture of any anecdotic element and I only depict those details which are real witnesses
of the passing of time.

My works have both rare timeless and contemporary qualities since, using a classic
technique, I draw pictures which are somehow modern as I approach to the picture shot
with a photographic character and somehow as a documentary maker.

 A bet for a relaxed look in these speedy times. An interesting reflection on the greatness of

the least, stopped in its fragility."


- Antonio Castello


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