SUMMER SHOW, 2016: Battersea Reach

Plus One Gallery is delighted to announce that the forthcoming Summer Show, 2016 will take place at our new gallery in Battersea Reach.
This group show will reveal a selection of new paintings and sculptures by;  Javier Banegas, Paul Beliveau, Mike Briscoe, Paul Cadden, Pedro Campos, Patricia Casanova, Andres Castellanos, Antonio Castello,  Ricardo Cinalli, Daniel Cuervo, Paul Day, Peter Demetz, Gustavo Fernandes, David Finnigan, JKB Fletcher, Mike Francis, Nourine Hammad, Simon Hennessey, Young-Sung Kim, Alexandra Klimas, Steve Kozar, Carl Laubin, Carlos Marijuan, Christian Marsh, Tom Martin, Elena Molinari, Flavia Munarriz, Cynthia Poole, Francisco Rangel, Darren Reid, Ben Schonzeit, Francesco Stile, Matt Story, Rogerio Timoteo, David Wheeler, Craig Wylie, Harold Zabady.

Look forward to viewing an array of new works on display in Trafalgar House, Battersea Reach. Our new contemporary location compliments the hyper- realistic works and offers a fantastic opportunity to view some of the best examples of Hyperrealism.

We celebrate the Summer season by introducing new still life paintings by Pedro Campos, Elena Molinari, Francesco Stile, Javier Banegas and Cynthia Poole, to name a few.
Using still objects as a subject matter in art is something that spans the centuries and over time has incurred very little change in the type of objects used. Traditionally, painters included all kinds of man-made and/or natural objects such as; cut flowers, fruit, vegetables, wine and so on. Historical studies show that the Greeks and Romans took great pride in their realistic depictions of food through paintings and drawings. A glass bowl of fruit was commonly featured in Roman paintings to display the delicacies the rich citizens of Rome enjoyed, and to portray the generous hospitality they had to offer.
However, the way these objects are depicted has changed, reflecting developments in style and technique. Using a variety of different objects with diverse material qualities allows Hyperrealist artists to play around with illusion. Highly reflective surfaces (glass, for example), soft creased materials (such as cellophane or silk), even transparent liquids all entice the viewer and trick the mind’s eye.

New Urban- landscape paintings by David Wheeler, Christian Marsh, Daniel Cuervo and Andres Castellanos. Urban- landscapes or ‘Cityscapes’ have featured in paintings since the 1st century A.D. they were used as backgrounds for portraits and biblical themes and as map- like overviews of towns and cities later on. In the 17th century many Dutch painters began creating accurate renditions of a variety of cities, this spread into other European countries and became a popular subject for painters. Hyperrealist painters also adopted this type of work which proved to be extremely popular within the genre. The hyper- realistic depictions of cities many people love, hold fond memories and a great sense of familiarity allows the viewer to fully engage and perhaps fall in love with a particular painting.

Portraits will also feature in this group exhibition, expect to see works by Gustavo Fernandes, Simon Hennessey, Paul Cadden, Craig Wylie, Philip Harris and more. This exhibition focuses on the three major themes in Hyperrealism but transcends the boundaries of each area through the diverse use of material and subject matter. An intriguing collaboration of both paintings and sculpture will grace the space at Battersea Reach. Contrasting styles, subject matters and colour-schemes avow each individual an artistic freedom, resulting in exceptionally engaging works.
Whether you are interested in the sculptural work of Paul Day, the signature animal paintings of Alexandra Klimas or Nourine Hammad’s continued exploration of texture and material through Joker playing cards Plus One Gallery’s Summer Show, 2016 will not disappoint.