David Finnigan

I am an artist currently based in the U.K. My paintings are the result of my reaction to some of the ephemera and the momentary that we all experience. I want all the work I create, sketches, studies and the paintings, to be poetic, maybe dissonant even, beautiful and occasionally challenging. I want to remain brutally aware of the power that painting can have.




“My painting process is based around the traditional values of realist art,  as they have been practised throughout history. My process is instinctive and intuitive, often empirically based. I use many small studies or ink drawings as a basis for a composition. Sometimes If I happen across something I find intriguing, I also use my camera and take a series of photographs.


If working from the small ink studies, I construct a virtual 3D scene on the computer. Eventually fully rendered with realistic materials and textures and lit with the light I want, it is like a stage set that I can inhabit and explore. From this, I can make a painting.


Then, working on the surface of the support, moving the paint around, reacting to my source material – sketches, studies, 3D visualisation, memories even .. because this 3D virtuality I have invented will almost certainly have had a beginning somewhere, a reference back to reality .. possibly a fleeting moment, fuelled by movement, colour, noise, light, stillness ....


The process itself has to be inevitable    whether through interpreting photographs or interpreting a constructed virtual reality .. it is only the means to an end ...

an end in which I hope to have made the painting work.”