Carl Laubin: A Sentimental Journey

Plus One Gallery is delighted to announce the forthcoming solo show 'A Sentimental Journey' by gallery artist Carl Laubin. This exhibition portrays Laubin's research and the passion he holds for the architecture, paintings and drawings of Leo von Klenze; Laubin's latest Capricci will be unveiled at this time. Included in the exhibition are paintings  of a hypothetical project Léon Krier was working on based on Le Corbusier’s 1925 Pessac housing “revisioned”.  The three main paintings are based on one of Léon’s sketches who has replanned the neighbourhood in Pessac.


We are also pleased to have as our guest of honour, opening the exhibition and holding the UK launch of his new guide to the built works of Leo von Klenze, Professor Adrian von Buttlar of the

Technical University Berlin. Professor von Buttlar, who studied in Munich and at London´s Courtauld Institute in the 1970's, is an authority on Leo von Klenze and has previously published a major biography and study of his work. Professor von Buttlar promises to give a brief talk revealing details of his discovery of von Klenze’s three visits to London.