James Del Grosso : A new exhibition of works by American artist

7 - 26 February 2006

Opening Tuesday, 7th February to Saturday 4th March 2006.

Plus One Gallery will be launching an exhibition of works by American artist James Del Grosso.

Del Grosso studied at Cooper Union. After graduating in the 1960’s he lived in a large loft in New York’s Soho district. Del Grosso then moved to Norfolk Virginia where he joined VISTA where he helped to develop an art therapy project for children in Norfolk. Del Grosso returned to New York. It was during this time that he turned to Realism. His influences have remained the same: The Old Masters.

Del Grosso states, “I begin work by arranging some objects, such as an apple and some grapes, by a window with natural light. I prefer a single light source because it shows the most weight of objects and creates the most dramatic effects. Simplicity of both objects and composition is important to keep the viewers within themselves. I don’t want them disturbed by ambiguity, complicated arrangements, or unfamiliar objects. I want the form and the light to be the unquestioned subjects.”

James Del Grosso calls his huge lush still life of fruit “Monumental.” Asked why he paints them so large, he explains he used to paint smaller but viewers would stand and look, but wouldn’t come up close, “so I make the work come to them instead of their coming to the painting,”