7 March - 12 April 2003

Plus One and Plus Two Galleries are pleased to present Exactitude, an exhibition curated by Clive Head.

Clive Head has been recognised by the prominent American art dealer and writer Louis Meisel as the leading English Photorealist. Naturally he is therefore playing a leading role in Plus One Plus Two Galleries' developing programme of realist art. To kick this off, he has been invited to curate an exhibition for the gallery, in which he will participate himself and invite three other like-minded artists to join him.

What becomes apparent in the work of these artists is not simply their remarkable craft skills but the complexity of their art. This exhibition requires the kind of scrutiny and attention rarely demanded by contemporary art. That Head has avoided "Realism" in the title encourages the viewer to consider issues beyond the illustrative. On show are four very particular talents, expressing themselves through the development of exacting thought and creative processes.