The Beauty of Paper: Group Show

Invented in second century China, spread west by the Silk Road and mass produced by water powered mills, paper was cheaper than other writing materials, lightweight and easier to transport. Used for manuscripts and prints, artists from old masters to the new contemporary have taken advantage of this noble and versatile material in the production of their artwork. Extract it from it as a cheap material and paper becomes rich, with history of travel, trading and industrial growth through technological advancements. It is a symbol of 2nd century China and 15th century Europe, communication and art. A medium that was embraced because of its versatile, lightweight and practical qualities is now rich and heavy with history.

Plus One Gallery is pleased to present “The Beauty of Paper” group show, featuring notable examples of diverse techniques on paper.

The exhibition covers a vast array of expression upon one of the most essential raw mediums: paper. This unforgiving surface honestly reveals the artist’s expertise in a unique way. Comprised of artists who all approach paper in their distinctive style; paintings and drawing in mediums such as oil, acrylics, watercolour, quiche, pencil, charcoal, ink, colour pencils and graphite create a eclectic and exciting exhibition space. “The Beauty of Paper will showcase a wide range of themes including birds by Adrian Smart, urban cityscapes by Paul Cadden and bold chrome “Wrecks” by Andrew Holmes.

The participant artists are Adrian Smart, Nourine Hammad, Andrew Hemingway, Andrew Holmes, Angus McEwan, David Wheeler, Denis Ryan, James Van Pattern, Paul Cadden, Philip Harris, Roger Watt and Steven Kozar.