Pedro Campos

Maggie Bollaert, 2014

Here Maggie Bollaert presents the work of the Hyperrealist artist Pedro Campos, who portrays certain still life objects: seduced by their perfection of form, the exact colours of their pristine surfaces, and their potential for order and precision in composition, Pedro Campos goes far beyond the merely technical.  


This book is the second in a new series of monographs about hyperrealist artists by Plus One Publishing (after “Cynthia Poole”). Previous publications include “Exactitude, Hyperrealist Art Today” (with Thames and Hudson), “Carl Laubin, Paintings” (with Philip Wilson Publishers), “John Salt, the Complete Works 1969-2006” (with Philip Wilson Publishers) and “Hiperrealisme AVUI” (Museu del Tabac, Andorra).