Javier Banegas Solo Show

Plus One Gallery is pleased to announce the solo show of gallery artist, Javier Banegas (b. 1974, Madrid, Spain). This exhibition features new paintings which continue to examine Banegas’ interest in depicting used objects, devoid of human presence but reminiscent of their trace. The works adopt the popular hyper realist tendency of dramatically increasing the scale of the actual object, which in turn abstracts the still life paintings. The artist works in a traditional hyper realist manner, yet his subject matter takes an alternative turn.  

New paintings, ‘Clips Box’ ‘Colours VIII’ ‘Colours IX’ ‘Shavings VII’ and ‘Shavings VI’ explore Banegas’ key conceptual concerns; pencil shavings, ink, paint pots and boldly coloured paper clips. Present in all his works is the essence of human interaction, these used objects denote a passing of time, one that has been stopped and captured. Just as you would paint flowers in full bloom Javier Banegas paints objects in a period of transition. The difference being that the objects he paints are inanimate, therefore they are not suspended in life but instead are captured after action.

Realist paintings are often accused of being excessively explicit, giving the assumption that by painting a perfect rendition of a photograph or scene leaves no room for the artist to create conceptual depth and spark the imagination of the viewer. However, the suggestive approach of Banegas’ work is created through the compositions he chooses (often close ups) and in the choice of subject matter. The result of an action by a human; whether it is the shaving from a pencil or ink pots often left with their lids off, there is a feeling that someone, somewhere is not quite finished. This suspension adds a narrative quality that allows the viewer to generate their own stories behind the paintings.

"In this world of globalised instant images, painting continues to maintain a significant role in recording the permanence of emotion, the footsteps of man through the world that he inhabits and the objects that surround him. I avoid creating the spectacular images in order to create those which encapsulate these areas." – Javier Banegas.