Autumn Show

This September welcomes the annual Autumn Show, we invite you to take this opportunity and view the latest Hyper-realistic paintings by a selection of Plus One Gallery artists. New works include a stunning still life featuring an elegant jar of assorted roses by Glen Semple, an explosion of colourful paint carefully curated by Nourine Hammad and a characterizable quirky urban landscape by David Finnigan.

Examine an intriguing collaboration of sculptural works by Peter Demetz, Caroline D’Andlau Hombourg and Rogerio Timoteo, a signature seascape painting by Antonis Titakis, Javier Banegas’ continued exploration into colour and composition and Pedro Campos’ monumental works on canvas as well as many more captivating examples of Hyperrealism.

This exhibition focuses on the three major themes in Hyperrealism (Still Life, Landscape and Portraiture) but transcends the boundaries of each area through the diverse use of material and subject matter. Contrasting styles, subject matters and colour-schemes avow each individual the artistic freedom needed to create exceptionally engaging works of art.