Winter Show: Group Show

Plus One Gallery is delighted to announce the forthcoming Winter Show, 2016. We are welcoming the New Year in with a group show of gallery artist’s newest works.

This exhibition will showcase a selection of recent paintings by; Jacques Bodin, Mike Briscoe, Paul Cadden, Pedro Campos, Patricia  Casanova, Daniel Cuervo, Paul Day, Gustavo Fernandes, David Finnigan, Nourine Hammad, Alexandra Klimas, Carlos Marijuan, Tom Martin, Elena Molinari and Ben Schonzeit.

Please join us for the private view on Tuesday 12th January from 6 – 8pm.


Still Life has been a well practiced subject in art for centuries and although the featured objects have slightly changed over time, the type of object remains very similar. Jacques Bodin, Pedro Campos and Elena Molinari all create paintings within this genre. These paintings display everyday objects, which either celebrate our material pleasures such as food and wine, or more traditionally portray the ephemerality of these pleasures and of the brevity of human life, such as a moulding piece of fruit. Still Life works give us the opportunity to hone in on the extreme beauty that lies within everyday objects we so often overlook.


Specifically in still life paintings, glass is one of the favoured materials used by hyper realist artists. They tend to utilise reflective or transparent surfaces due to their effective quality and manipulative possibilities, adding and enhancing to the sense of reality.

Hyper realist artists adopted landscape as a subject matter within their realms too, creating beautiful natural landscape paintings as well as adapting the subject and creating urban landscapes and cityscapes. Gallery artists Mike Briscoe, Paul Cadden, David Finnigan, Gustavo Fernandes and Daniel Cuervo all create work in this field. Cadden is influenced by scenes of everyday life, particularly those of other cultures. He strives to create an emotional, social and/ or cultural impact through his hyper realistic approach and he aims to ‘intensify the normal’. Finnigan is currently exploring the parameters of NON reality and is working on paintings that are depictions of scenes that have never existed. By moving away from what is traditionally expected of hyperrealist works, Finnigan removes the barriers and frustrations of waiting to find a scene he wants to paint. This means that what is presented to the viewer is a manipulation of reality, bent to make the painting work aesthetically rather than truthfully.

Come along to examine an intriguing collaboration of sculptural work by Paul Day, signature animal paintings by Alexandra Klimas, Nourine Hammad’s continued exploration of texture and material through Joker playing cards, Tom Martin’s distortion of scale and thought provoking subject matter and much more.

This exhibition gives the visitor an opportunity to see some of the most talented contemporary Hyperrealist works alongside one and other. The clever interaction between works produced (mainly) in the same medium against highly contrasting styles, subject matters and colour-schemes allow each individual an artistic freedom, resulting  in exceptionally engaging works.