Christian Marsh: The Art of Travel
June 14, 2017
 'Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami', Oil on canvas, 120 x 250 cm
'Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami', Oil on canvas, 120 x 250 cm

Tuesday's opening of The Art of Travel unvailed 3 new works by Chrsitian Marsh. The show includes works inspired by his travels around the world, including: Paris, Miaimi, Nice and Perth. Through his paintings, Marsh explores his personal experiences with the environment, the people, the essence and the feeling of each location he travels to. Thanks to his meticulous execution and highly skilled brushwork he recreates an alluring atmosphere in every painting.


Christian Marsh and his wife in front of his new work 'Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami', 120 x 250 cm, Oil on canvas



‘Kings Park, Perth’, 70 x 170 cm, Oil on canvas   |   ‘Primrose’, 90 x 150 cm, Oil on canvas



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New works (from left):

‘The Girl at the Dancing Fountains, Nice’, 140 x 100 cm, Oil on canvas

‘Albert Bridge’, 50 x 40 cm, Oil on canvas



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