Daryl Gortner


Daryl Gortner was born and raised in Fullerton, California, USA in 1958.  She began her artistic career studying drawing and painting at Fullerton College.  Her whimsical and playful paintings hope to make the viewer smile.  In her professional career, she celebrates the extraordinary beauty of everyday ordinary subjects in her still life compositions. 


Humble but visually striking objects inspire her photorealistic paintings. Some of the objects that fascinate her are brightly colored coffee cups, lollipops wrapped in cellophane, a gumball machine, patent leather high heels, salt and pepper shakers, and marbles in a mason jar.


She is especially drawn to objects that have intense color and offer the opportunity to paint reflections. In her highly detailed paintings, she captures beautiful reflections on chrome, cellophane, glass, patent leather, and tin foil.  These subjects present fascinating mirrors of things around them. She gets almost as much pleasure painting the ephemeral world of reflections as painting the still life objects themselves. She enlarges the subjects in her paintings many times beyond actual size so that you can lose yourself in a gumball, or the shine on the heel of a shoe.


Her artwork can be found at many art exhibitions, galleries, corporate and private collections throughout the world.