Tom Waugh

Tom Waugh is an emerging artist and winner of the 2018 Rise Art sculpture Prize and People’s choice award. He works in stone and marble to create hyperrealist sculptures of waste and rubbish. These sculptures highlight concerns about our environment with the current geological era ‘The Anthropocene’ being marked by significant human impact on the Earth's geology and ecosystems. They also question pre-conceived ideas about material value, playfully subverting the boundaries between contemporary and traditional art.

Tom has recently been voted in as a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors.

His subjects include a takeaway bags, a petrol can, cardboard boxes, and polystyrene packers. Some work is to scale and some is over life size but all of the sculptures are carved from stones that look like the objects that they represent. White marble becomes a polythene bag, Ironstone is transformed into rusty metal and Portland stone looks like crumpled cardboard.

These Discarded objects document the minute imprints of human use. Bags, boxes and cans are squashed, crushed and wrinkled whilst still displaying the traces of mass production. There are echoes Baroque drapery, ‘Pop Art’ and ‘Objet Trouve’ but ultimately the works seeks to explore the transience of human existence in stark contrast to the permanence of stone and marble.