Raphaella Spence

Raphaella Spence, born in the UK, 1978, rose to fame at a young age, beginning to develop her style in her teens she soon had her first solo exhibition. At the age of 19 she gained representation at a renowned gallery in New York, which allowed her to focus on her paintings and technique. Spence creates large format cityscape and landscape paintings using oil paints. She is currently based just outside Todi, Umbria in Italy where she lives and works with her husband and children.

Through her paintings Spence does not convey a message as such but lets the paintings speak for themselves. She aims to capture the sensations and personal experiences she encounters throughout the time she spends on location photographing the stunning compositions she produces. Rather than depicting the cold reality that a camera can record, her paintings come alive through the essence she projects onto the canvas using oil paints. Viewers can feel the emotions transmitted through Spence’s paintings. The end result holds emotion and tells a story through the vibrancy of the oil paints and intricate details, creating a hyper-real, hypersensitive composition that captures than audience entirely.

Spence’s fascination with Hyperrealism comes from the freedom the genre exudes, although the parameters seem rigid when it comes to technical precision, through technical mastery there is endless flexibility when it comes to the actual execution.