Christian Carlini was born in Rome in 1981. He began his career as an artist, studying Art History and painting at university, focusing on painting techniques and having a particular interest in Flemish styles. In the following years Carlini turned his attention to the context and compositional aspects of his paintings. After much experimentation and determination, Carlini has found a happy balance in his works. The combination of realism, surrealism and metaphysics has allowed him to create what he refers to as “a reflection of himself, the artist”, in his paintings.



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·        personal exposure"Sweet Reality" - Frosinone 2002 - Italy

·        Collective exposure "more real" - Roma 2005 - Italy

·        Bari Art Expo - Bari 2012 - Italy

·        Collective exposure "Master of Realism" - 809 Art gallery, Milan 2013 - Italy

·        Biennial of Contemporary Art - Frosinone 2013 - Italy

·        personal exposure - Frosinone 2014 - Italy

·        Art Fair Tokyo - Tokyo 2014 - japan Dallas Art Expo - Dallas 2014 - Texas

·        Collective Contemporary Art - Castle of the Counts of Ceccano 2015 - Italy

·        Realism collective exposure - Sperlonga 2015 - ItalyLibertad"

·        Publication of the catalog "Arte y Libertad" produced by Art Libre - Art Gallery of Zaragoza (Spain)

·        Biennial of Contemporary Visual Art - Frosinone 2016 - "Grand Prize Winner