• Francesco Stile 'Disco' 70 x 110 cm, Oil on canvas

    As we approach the end of summer we wanted to take a look at all the exciting events coming up this Autumn, alongside some of our favourite picks for the colder months. We will be showcasing artists that capture the mood and light of this time and offer events to see you right through to Christmas!


    ‘Surface Shimmer’ Acrylic on abraded aluminium on wood, 112 x 162.5 cm


    Quick Review

    Born: 1950, Park Ridge, New Jersey, USA.
    Studied: 1975, M.F.A, The San Francisco Art Institute.  1972, Outstanding Graduate in Studio Art, Arizona State University.
    Work: David Kessler’s paintings are exquisitely paradoxical, the flat painted surface being contrasted against the striking illusion of depth and space.

  • Gallery News!

    Simon Hennessey wins the acrylic paint category of the Jackson Painting prize 2017

    'Underground Distortion' acrylic on canvas, 107 x 107 cm

  • 'Incontrovertible Judgment’

    Christian Carlin began his artistic career studying art history and painting at University. Learning from the Flemish Masters, he spent time studying their techniques in order to inform his own painting. After spending time at university honing his skills, he began focusing more on the execution of his ideas and the development of his own unique style and approach. After much experimentation and determination, Carlini has found a happy balance in his works.

  • The Far Road’ Pencil on paper, 47 x 70 cm
  • Morning Light, Departure of 'Patricia' Oil on canvas, 36 x 46 cm
  • 'Composition in Primary Colours' Oil on panel, 55 x 198 cm


    Quick Review

    Born: 1974, Madrid Spain 
    Studied:  1998, Bachelor of Fine Arts - University of Madrid 

    Work: Banegas produces close-up still life depictions of items that have been altered by the presence of humans. Working mainly with oil on board or canvas, Banegas produces some of the most spectacular hyper-realistic paintings, while still giving his viewers room for personal interpretation. 
    Selected publications: 2008 ‘The Railroad in Art. Printmaking in the XIX – XXI Centuries’, edited by: Spanish Railroad Foundation 2007 ‘Train in the Spanish Painting’, edited by: Rene, Communication, Branding and Advertising Direction.

  • 'Primary Colours' Oil on canvas, 91 x 152 cm

    Artist in Focus: Francois Chartier


    Quick Review

    BORN: 1950, Montreal, Canada.

    LIVES: Montreal, Canada.

    WORK: Chartier started out working for a sign company that introduced him to using airbrush in the early 70s. During this role, he became familiar with typography, photography, illustration and print. He then went on to become an art director and illustrator in magazine publishing and advertising, working for such well-established Canadian agencies as Vickers & Benson (now Arnold Worldwide Canada) and creating the visual concept for Cirque du Soleil’s “Quidam” and “O” in Las Vegas. After 30 years in the advertising world, in 2000, he started to paint full time.

  • Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami

    With his solo show in full swing, we take a look at what influences his practice and why painting the places he has been is so important to him.


    Christian Marsh: The Art of Travel
     'Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami', Oil on canvas, 120 x 250 cm
  • Summer Picks at Plus One Gallery

    A quick round up of our Summer picks to welcome in the weather!

  • Single Tile
  • Buy Me Love

    With Tom Martin's solo exhibition 'Perpetual Motion' in full swing, we want to take a moment to look at what influences his practice.


    Tom Martin: Perpetual Motion


    Last night was the opening of Tom Martin's solo exhibition, 'Perpetual Motion'.

    Thank you to everyone that joined us, it was a great evening, enjoyed by all.

    Martin's exhibition is now open to the public and will run until 10th June, 2017,  we hope to see you there.

  • 'Limmat River', 81 x 130 cm, Acrylic on board

    Castellanos started his career as the official copyist at the Prado Museum in Madrid, a city he continues to live and work in today. Whilst working at the museum he gained the opportunity to learn from some of the great masters, citing Velazquez, Goya and Ruben as his main influences. As well as painting commissioned portraits, Castellanos paints landscapes (often in portrait) centred around a key focal point whether that is a tree or figure. Despite this, Castellanos doesn’t see himself as a thematic painter, instead taking inspiration from day to day life around him. He says of his work: “when you’re painting you forget everything, it is the previous moments that differ from each other”.

  • Artis in Focus: Steve Whitehead

    With his beautiful use of light and horizons again part of the wonderful mix here at Plus One Gallery, we take a look at the influences and training that make Steve Whitehead's paintings so captivating.

  • Works to Watch

    Angus McEwan

    'Looking for the Sun', 52.5 x 63.5cm, Watercolour on paper


    Over the past 30 years Angus McEwan has become entranced by the materiality of his medium as well as his subject. He enjoys exploring textures and surfaces with watercolour and has grown fond of anything which is transient in our environment.

    The fugitive nature of life, and in fact of all things, means everything is constantly in a state of flux and McEwan aims to capture those moments through his paintings.

    "The more aged, decrepit or falling apart my subject matter is, the more important it is to capturing those never to be repeated moments lost in time."

    - Angus McEwan

  • 'Frankfurter', 51 x 51 cm, 2015, Acrylic on gessoed board with gold leaf

    'Water Cooler Cup', 25 x 25 cm, 2016, Acrylic on canvas with gold leaf


    Cynthia Poole was born in Zimbabwe, originally trained as an architect. She has a PhD in Architectural History and Theory from the University of Westminster (London) and worked for various architectural practices, including Richard Rogers, Nicholas Grimshaw and Norman Foster Associates as well as becoming a digital graphic artist for architectural visualisations before returning to painting.

  • 'Place Setting 2' Acrylic on gessoed board with gold leaf, 91 x 91 cm


    Cynthia Poole was born in Zimbabwe, originally trained as an architect. She has a PhD in Architectural History and Theory from the University of Westminster (London) and worked for various architectural practices, including Richard Rogers, Nicholas Grimshaw and Norman Foster Associates as well as becoming a digital graphic artist for architectural visualisations before returning to painting.

  • Gallery News!

    Carl Laubin is announced as the Winner of the 2017 Arthur Ross Awards for Excellence in the Classical Tradition, in te Fine Art Category.
  • Private View

    Cynthia Poole: Gold Pieces & other Explorations


    Last night was the opening of Cynthia Poole's solo exhibition, 'Gold Pieces & other Explorations'

    Thank you to everyone that joined us, it was a great evening, enjoyed by all.

    Poole's exhibition is now open to the public and will run until 15th April, 2017,  we hope to see you there.


  • Gallery News!

    Paul Day: The Iraq Afghanistan Memorial
    Today, Her Majesty The Queen has unveiled a new memorial in Victoria Embankment Gardens, Westminster. The memorial by gallery artist Paul Day honours both the UK Armed Forces and civilians who served their country in the Gulf region, Iraq and Afghanistan and those who supported them back home from 1990-2015.

  • 'Greenwich Village Cinema' Acrylic on paper, 40 x 61 cm


    His career began in advertising and film animation.  Successfully combining both, Denis Ryan worked on award-winning films as well as numerous TV and film commercials.

    Ryan has a strong emotional attachment to the city and the recurrent motifs in many of his paintings reflect this, particularly his recent series of neon signs.  He deliberately rejects obvious beauty to search out the essence of ordinary objects and scenes to create richly coloured luminous paintings devoid of human presence, full of possibility and radiant light.


    'On Location' Oil on linen, 105 x 160 cm


    David Finnigan an artist currently based in the U.K. His paintings are the result of his reaction to some of the ephemera and the momentary that we all experience. Finnigan wants all the work he creates; sketches, studies and paintings, to be poetic, maybe dissonant even, beautiful and occasionally challenging. He aims to remain brutally aware of the power that painting can have.

  • Spring Picks at Plus One Gallery

    What better way to celebrate the change in season than with our top Spring selection, brighten up your home this month!

  • 'Lost Souls of the City'

    Simon Hennessey has been represented by Plus One Gallery since 2002. His paintings continue to develop down new and interesting paths, primarily focusing on the human figure (mainly eyes) and reflection.

  • Plus One Gallery's Top 5 picks this month




  • Our 2017 Winter Show is now officially open. The private view was fun, full of familier faces and lots of new ones. 

    Whilst the show is on, we will be having a programme of interviews with some of the artist in the show. Check back here every Wednesday for updates!

  • Winter Show: Artists

    An Interview with David Wheeler
    Winter Show: Artists

    Throughout the Winter Show we will be focusing on the works and practices of some of our gallery artists featured in the exhibition

    This week we look at the work of David Wheeler, a Yorkshire man whose love of Italy is evident in his work.

  • Winter Show: Artists

    An Interview with JKB Fletcher
    Winter Show: Artists

    Our Winter Show proramme continues with an interview with JKB Fletcher.

    This week it is the work of well the travelled JKB Fletcher; who brings a sense of place and time into is work.  

  • Winter Show

    We would like to invite you to the private view of our annual Winter Show.

    We look forward to seeing you there. 


    from everyone here at Plus One gallery: Maggie, Colin, Rosie, Scarlett and Archie



  • A Sentimental Jounrey

    Carl Laubin's journey in the creation of his solo show
    'Walhalla' 2016, Oil on canvas, 61 x 86 cm




  • New destination on the Grand Tour

    RIBA J article written by Hugh Pearman
    Befreiungshalle, 110x190cm, oil on canvas

    A Sentimental Journey, painter Carl Laubin’s latest show, sees him venture beyond his favoured traditionalist architecture into early modernism

  • ‘Befreiungshalle’ 2016, Oil on canvas, 110 x 190 cm

    During his solo exhibition 'A Sentimental Journey', we catch up with Carl Laubin to discuss the inspiration behind his complex and highly technical paintings and how he became an artist specialising in pristine architectual renderings of buildings.

    Laubin's current exhibition portrays his research and the passion he holds for the architecture, paintings and drawings of Leo von Klenze; Laubin's latest Capricci is on show at the gallery as part of 'A Sentimental Journey' until 16th Decemeber. Included in the exhibition are paintings  of a hypothetical project Léon Krier was working on based on Le Corbusier’s 1925 Pessac housing “revisioned”.  The three main paintings are based on one of Léon’s sketches who has replanned the neighbourhood in Pessac.



  • Carl Laubin: A Sentimental Journey Private View

    With guest speaker Prof. Adrian von Buttlar
    Carl Laubin: A Sentimental Journey Private View

    On Tuesday evening friends, colleagues, clients and artists came from far and wide to join us for the opening of Carl Laubin's solo exhibition, 'A Sentimental Journey'. The show contains 57 artworks made up of drawings and oil paintings dedicated to the work of architects Leo von Klenze and Le Corbusier. 

  • Countdown to the Carl Laubin Show!

    Carl Laubin: A Sentimental Journey
    Countdown to the Carl Laubin Show!

    Private view for Carl Laubin's solo show is only 4 days away! Don't miss it: Tuesday 22nd 6pm - 8pm

  • November News

    Christmas is fast approaching, so Plus One Gallery wanted to share with you our top November picks!

    Last Tuesday we held the opening of Elena Molinari's solo exhibition 'The Alchemy of the Everyday' the evening unveiled her latest still life paintings which were very well received by all. The event was a great success! 




  • Elena Molinari Interview

    Exhibition 'The Alchemy of the Everyday' runs until 19th November
    Berries and Blue Cloth, 97 x 146 cm, Oil on canvas

    During here solo exhibition 'The Alchemy of the Everyday', we catch up with Molinari to discuss the inspiration behind her exquisite paintings.


    Born in Montevideo, Elena Molinari is best known for her still life paintings of fruit and vegetables, often placed in fruit bowls or alongside glass vases and silk cloths. Molinari works mostly with oil on canvas and is also renowned for her glossy, highly finished paintings of crumpled coca-cola cans. Since 1996, she has lived and worked in Spain, working as an Arts Professor at the University of Madrid. She has enjoyed success beyond Spain, both in her native Uruguay and in galleries across the world. 

  • Private View: Elena Molinari: The Alchemy of the Everyday

    Thank you to everyone that came to the private view of Elena Molianri's solo show on Tuesday.

    We want to welcome everyone to see this beautiful show which will run till the 19th November.

    There is pleanty of time to make the journey south of the river, so there is no excuse to miss it!


  • by Patricia Osborne
    'The Visit' Oil on canvas 97 x 146 cm

    Not long now until the private view for Elena Molinari : The Alchemy of the Everyday.

    Don't miss it!

    Tuesday 25th October 6pm - 8pm

  • "One Moment in Time" – Acrylic on aluminium composite panel, 85 x 120cm

    Tom Martin's body of work rebels against the use of photography in hyperrealism and is instead more representative of a more considered version of reality. By playing with colour and scale, Martin produces images that are perceived to be real but cannot exist photographically.  We catch up with Martin and discuss why he prefers to distance his creative process from the restraints of a digital camera.

  • "Couple" – Oil on canvas, 97 x 146cm

    Plus One Gallery is delighted to announce the forthcoming solo show by gallery artist Elena Molinari. ‘The Alchemy of the Everyday’ will showcase her latest still life paintings which continue to explore new textures. 


    Private view Tuesday 25th October 6 – 8pm

    26th October – 12th November 2016

  • "Hirams" by Mark Oberndorf - Oil on canvas, 40.5 x 76cm

    For centuries, the American dream has attracted people from all over the world, lured by the promise of a better way of life. However, as history has progressed, faith in the American dream has diminished, tainted by the scepticism and doubt of modern society. Many artists have been inspired by the American dream. Some interpret optimism, hope and patriotism in their work, while others portray the dream as an unattainable illusion.

  • 'Susan the Cow' by Alexandra Klimas – Oil on canvas, 70 x 120cm

    We have now settled into our new home at Battersea Reach and with the Opening Show a success, we are getting ready for the cosiest time of the year. It has been an exciting year so far and it doesn't look to be slowing down with some fabulous new works. As well as solo shows for Elena Molinari and Carl Laubin and not forgetting our annual Winter Show in February.

  • Plus One Gallery Official Opening Show

    On Tuesday evening friends, colleagues, clients and artists came from far and wide to join in the celebration of our relocation to Battersea Reach. The group show contains almost 100 artworks from 45 different artists, with a rich variety of styles and genres gracing the walls of Plus One Gallery.

  • "Summer Passion" by Francois Chartier - Oil on canvas, 91 x 204cm

    We are delighted to launch the opening show at our new premises in Battersea Reach where a range of exquisite hyperrealist art will be on display.

    Private Viewing Tuesday 20th September, 2016

    6 - 9 pm

    The official launch will be conducted by the Mayor of Wandsworth, Cllr Richard Field at 7pm.

  • "American Classic" – Watercolour on paper, 37 x 54 cm

    It’s not simply a case of remembering the past. Nostalgia is far more immersive and, in one sense, escapist. Because of this, even in the most avant-garde contemporary art, nostalgia is often an underlying theme. Let's explore how it relates to hyperrealism works.

  • "Horizon" by Rogerio Timoteo - Marble, 30 x 72 x 15 cm

    In celebration of our new space at Battersea Reach, we take a closer look at the work of three of our newest artists.

  • "Still Dreaming Edition 5/12" - Bronze, 44.5 x 71 x 21 cm

    Quick Review
    Born: 1964, Nebraska
    Studied: MA in Sculpture at Royal College of Art, London
    Work: Thomas Ostenberg's sculptures explore the theme of motion and balance, reflecting his personal search for emotional and spiritual equilibrium. For him, the work "touches on the moment of stepping into the unknown and doing so willingly."

  • Click to expand map

    Battersea Reach offers visitors easy access to the rest of London, whether you are travelling by tube, train, bus or car. To find Plus One Gallery, please follow the instructions in this post.

  • "Woman in Red Suit" by Jack Mendenhall - Oil on canvas, 55 x 81cm

    The summer months also breathe new life into the canvases of artists. Landscapes are transformed as flowers come into full bloom and coastlines shimmer in the unwavering sunlight. In celebration of Plus One Gallery’s 2016 Summer Show, we’re taking a closer look at the artists that capture the summer months in all of their undisputed glory.

  • "Primrose" - Oil on canvas, 90 x 150cm

    The urban landscape paintings of Christian Marsh take us on adventure around the world, from Paris to Perth and beyond. While on his travels, Marsh uses photography in a documentary manner, fixing compositional information, lighting and moving objects. Not only does Marsh capture the natural and architectural beauty of these places, he also brings narrative to his compositions with genuine human emotion. We have a chat with Marsh about his work and discuss his inclusion of human presence. 


    Tuesday 19th July, 6pm-8pm
    "Seascape" by Antonis Titakis - Oil on canvas, 100x200cm

    Plus One Gallery would like to remind you of our forthcoming Summer Show 2016 which will take place at our new gallery in Battersea Reach. There will be a private view of the exhibition on Tuesday, July 19th between 6pm and 8pm. The show will then run from Wednesday, July 20th until Saturday, September 3rd. 

  • "Parked up in San Clemente" - Oil on linen, 38 x 53cm

    The paintings of Welsh hyperrealist Mike Briscoe have been said to be similar in mood to the work of renowned American realist Edward Hopper. At one level Briscoe's paintings can be enchanting and uplifting, but at another there is an eerie undercurrent, a sense that something is about to happen. We have a chat with Briscoe about his work and question whether creating similarities to Hopper was ever his intention.

  • "Look More Bliss" by Cynthia Poole - Acrylic on linen, 127 x 152cm

    Built around imagery of recognisable brands, celebrity cults and everyday life, consumerist art is rooted in the present social context, commenting on the dominant cultural values and the world we live in. But is this genre of art a playful celebration of consumerist culture or does it critique the way modern society’s values, are deeply rooted in commerce?

  • "Jelly Mind" by Gustavo Fernandes - Oil and acrylic on canvas, 1100 x 150cm

    Plus One Gallery is delighted to announce that the forthcoming Summer Show 2016 will take place at our new gallery in Battersea Reach. 

    Private viewing Tuesday 19th July 6pm – 8pm
    20th July – 13th September 2016

  • Trafalgar House, Battersea Reach

    Plus One Gallery are pleased to announce our move to new premises in Trafalgar House, Battersea Reach.

  • "Melt Water" - Oil on linen, 100 x 100cm

    Quick Review
    Born: 1964, Falmouth North Yorkshire
    Studied: BA in Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art
    Work: Finnigans work is rooted in the idea of traditional realist/representational painting. His approach is to try and find vignettes of the world in which we live and try to portray what he has seen in a photorealist style.He is fascinated by photography and his work reflects that, often searching images which may have a slightly reflective or melancholic feel
    Publications: 2009 “Exactitude - Hyperrealism Today”
    2008- “American Art Collector Magazine”
    2008 – “Scarborough Realists Now” (Orage Press and Scarborough Art Gallery)


  • "Berries & Blue Cloth" - Oil on canvas, 97 x 146cm

    Born in Montevideo, Elena Molinari is best known for her still life paintings of fruit and vegetables, often placed in fruit bowls or alongside glass vases and silk cloths. Molinari works mostly with oil on canvas and is also renowned for her glossy, highly finished paintings of crumpled coca-cola cans. Since 1996, she has lived and worked in Spain, working as an Arts Professor at the University of Madrid. She has enjoyed success beyond Spain, both in her native Uruguay and in galleries across the world. We catch up with Molinari to discuss the inspiration behind her exquisite paintings.



  • Sweet temptation in Hyperrealism

    From ancient Roman depictions of lustrous fruit bowls to Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans, food has been a common theme in still life paintings for centuries. Many Hyperrealists have since developed this concept by painting modern foods and condiments in still life paintings.

  • "Lollipops" - Mixed media on paper, 59 x 74cm

    Working in pastels, pencils and charcoal, Nourine Hammad uses materials rarely seen in hyperrealism. By approaching her subject matter honestly and without vanity, she strives to create detailed work that celebrates perfection and imperfection which coexist comfortably alongside each other. Her works are so excruciatingly simple and complex at the same time it’s hard to believe they’re not the real thing. We have a chat with Hammad about her unique artistic expression and process.

  • Roses Monet Sky - Ben Schonzeit

    Artists have been seduced by the beauty and grace of the flower for centuries. Now, hyperrealists are refreshing the still life genre with contemporary methods of painting, invigorating the painting of flowers by challenging notions of tradition.

  • AB (Prayer) by Craig Wylie

    Quick Review

    Born: 1973, Zimbabwe, Africa

    Studied: Rhodes University, South Africa (BA Fine Art)

    Work: Wylie's work revolves principally around the search to extend the genres of still-life and figure painting.

    Publicatons: ‘21st Century Portraits’ by Andrew Graham Dixon.

    ‘Nature Morte: Contemporary Artists reinvigorate the Still Life

    Tradition’ by Michael Petry

  • Autumn Reflections by Christian Marsh

    We are pleased to announce that, after 12 years at our gallery in Pimlico Road, we are moving to larger and very modern premises alongside the River Thames, Trafalgar House Battersea Reach.

  • "B" by Andrew Holmes

    In a world where high-tech photography and instant photo messaging is available at our fingertips, what does hyperrealism give us that photography cannot?

  • Artist in Focus: Mike Briscoe

    Conflict between stillness and movement
    "Morning on the Promenade" - Oil on linen, 92 x 168cm

    Quick Review
    Born: North Wales. 1960.
    Studied: Art at Wrexham College of Art and  graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Sheffield College of Art. 
    Work: In the past, Briscoe’s paintings revolved around his children and the beach near his home, however his most recent works focus more on time and place. His paintings are not an objective report on the natural world. They have heightened colour and lighting effect.
    Publications: ‘West Coast to East; a Corner of the World’ by Paul Collinson 

  • Pineapples by Antonio Castello

    Natural foods such as fruit and vegetables often become the subject of hyperrealist art. Berries, citrus fruits and other varieties are put under a microscope and blown up to create monumental, bold and indulgent paintings that celebrate life.

  • Cherries and strawberries, Antonio Castello

    Quick Review
    Born: Madrid, Spain. 1972.
    Work: Castello creates hyper realistic still life paintings which arrest fleeting moments, such as the decaying of fruit. His paintings hold a significant monumentality, close ups of grapes or piles of raspberries. He seamlessly blends a classical technique of painting with a modern photographic approach of framing and documenting.
    Publications: MEAM.  Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno. Barcelona

    Colección JAPS. México

    Fundación SCHLEGEL

    Colección Caja de Extremadura

    Colección Caja Castilla La Mancha

    Asamblea de Extremadura. Mérida

  • How To Eat Beans by Cynthia Poole

    The Pop Art movement emerged in the mid-to-late-1950’s and was spearheaded by the likes of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jasper Johns. Photorealism emerged from Pop Art, with the continuation of finding inspiration in everyday objects, scenes of commercial life and modern-day consumerism. We examine how hyperrealism is still influenced by Pop Art today.

  • GALLERY NEWS: We are relocating!

    Our temporary address will be:

    No. 24 Pimlico Rd, SW1W 8LJ

    Please note: due to the move the gallery will be closed Saturday 9th April.

  • Artist in Focus: Mike Francis

    Combining hyperrealism and commercial illustration
    Spot The Dog II by Mike Francis

    Quick Review
    Born: London, England. 1938.
    Studied: Illustration at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, whilst training to become an illustrator Francis also pursued his own career as a painter.
    Work: Mike Francis is commonly described as a realist painter, using both in oil and acrylic on canvas. He is known for his glossy, highly finished pictures which often feature a prominent female figure accompanied by a dog.
    Publications: ‘Mike Francis at Messum’s’ in Art of England
    ‘Briefs Encountered – Mike Francis Work’ by John Swinfield
    ‘Francis’s tale of two cities: the West End, real and imagined’ by Jamie Welham

  • Artist in Focus: Christian Marsh

    Humane landscape hyperrealism
    China Town Cable Car, San Francisco by Christian Marsh

    Quick Review
    Born: Dudley, England. 1979.
    Work: Marsh's body of work consists of large scale paintings, which explore composite views of various cities around the world.
    Publications: “Exactitude - Hyperrealist Art Today”, by John Russell Taylor, ed. by Maggie Bollaert. 
    “An Alternative Viewpoint” in: WLVdialogue.
    “Photorealist Paintings: Art Exhibitions” by Stephen Albrow.


  • Transamerica Pyramid San Francisco by Christian Marsh

    Urban hyperrealism takes both the modern metropolis and the mundane elements of city life as its subject. It challenges the artist to observe its diversity and understand the hidden meanings deeply rooted in city society. Here we look at how some of the biggest cities and most popular tourist destinations around the globe have been captured by hyperrealists.

  • Artist in Focus: Young-Sung Kim

    Challenging society's materialism
    Nothing, Life, Object by Young-Sung Kim

    Quick Review
    Seoul, South Korea, 1973.
    Young-Sung Kim produces hyperreal paintings of contrasting subject matters to illustrate the differences between the living and the material.

  • Artist in Focus: Cynthia Poole

    Examining consumerism with nostalgia
    Displaced Mints II by Cynthia Poole

    Quick Review
    Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
    Striking and bold, many of Cynthia Poole’s paintings take food packaging, sweet wrappers and chocolate bars as their subject matter; often with a warm nostalgia for the 70s and 80s confectionery.

  • Mother's Day
  • Artist in Focus: Paul De Roy

    Exploring Forgotten Landscapes
    Retired by Paul De Roy

    Quick Review
    Merksem, Belgium, 1951.
    De Roy’s body of work consists of  paintings and drawings, which explore Scandinavian landscapes and the traces of past inhabitants. Paul De Roy has been awarded 7 awards between 1984 – 1991 and is in a number of private and public collections.

  • Is there a place for artistic interpretation in hyperrealistic art?

    Hyperrealistic images achieve much praise, with the artist's incredible attention to detail and flawless techniques are frequently applauded. However, their extreme similarity to the images they mimic can beg the question – why not just take a photo?

  • Mr Fine by Andrew Holmes

    In the hyperrealism genre of painting, capturing the complete essence of a photograph can lead to surprising details in the final piece. But what about those artist who use digital technology such as Photoshop before turning their photographs into paintings?

  • The Far Road by Paul Cadden. He maintains that hyperrealism is about more than representing reality in a new medium. It is, instead, about creating the illusion of a new reality - one that merges a believable, life-like appearance with emotional, social, cultural, and political themes.

    Photorealism and Hyperrealism often have their meanings confused outside of art circles. While both movements have their own individual stylistic features, each appears under the umbrella of contemporary art. So, what are the features of each and why is their difference important?

  • Indian Man by Jack Ede inspired by Steve McCurry's Holi Festival photography

    Social media has become an increasingly viable platform for art lovers. Artists are taking to the platform in swathes to exhibit their work and share their artistic process with the world. Here, we take a look at some of the best hyperrealists sharing their work on Instagram.

  • Waving Flags 1 by Diederick Kraaijeveld

    From salvaged wood to extraordinary street illusions, more and more different media are being incorproated into hyperrealist artwork as the genre evolves. 

  • London at Twelve by Kiki Meana

    Much like graffiti artists, hyperrealists are often influenced by their urban surroundings and look to evoke feelings of identity and sense of place within their work; though with very different results.

  • A Brief History of Hyperrealism

    Hyperrealism has roots only as far back as the late 1960s to early 1970s, making it a relatively new art movement by most standards. However within the past 50 or so years, it has evolved into an astonishing and beautiful art style that captivates, intrigues and amazes many.