David Finnigan

"My work is firmly rooted in my belief in the values of traditional realist and photorealist painting. However, I also believe in finding new ways or methods to develop my understanding of realist art. My approach is to create scenes or compositions - through small sketches or studies. They can be fuelled by an empirical based reaction or something I have an emotional affinity for or connection to. If I find one of these compositions interesting, I then attempt to realise it in a quasi photorealist / painterly style."


"In order to facilitate this, I use cutting edge digital technology in the form of 3D modelling/rendering software to create 'virtual' scenes or 'renders' which are based on the sketches I have made. When fully rendered, my original sketch has now become a fully fledged response to the standard photograph, in that it can now be used in a similar way that a photograph might have been used in the past as source material."

"From these scenes/renders I can then begin to paint. At this point it is almost as if working from life, and in the early stages - experimental,  even during the process of drawing out my composition on the canvas by hand - but as the work develops , I find intuition and the inevitable interpretation informs the direction of the work towards the feel of - for example - a traditional photorealist painting ".
"What is empowering about this approach is, that I can have total control over every aspect of what appears in my scene. The painting that emerges is a realist work of what is essentially a non real scene. Using this approach allows me to be able to still incorporate some photographic data into my generated scenes but in a more progressive, indirect way. But, more importantly, It allows me to move my interpretation of realist painting forward, whilst maintaining some of the visual qualities that I found intriguing, when I have worked directly from photographs in the past. "