Plus One Gallery is dedicated to the development and promotion of British and international contemporary hyperrealist art, having published three books on the topic. April 2009 saw the launch of our book ‘Exactitude, Hyperrealist Art Today’ published by Thames and Hudson and Plus One Publishing. Written by John Russell Taylor and edited by Plus One Gallery director Maggie Bollaert the book celebrates the variety of subject and perspective in hyperrealist art today. The previous two books were “John Salt- The Complete works 1969-2006” and “Carl Laubin-Paintings” both published in 2007.


Holding around six exhibitions each year in the main gallery we run an innovative and eclectic exhibition programme, featuring different themes in portrait/human, urban/landscape and still life – the result of which is a wide selection of motifs to suit the most discerning of art collectors.

Whether you are looking for a colourful vibrant culinary still life, a beach scene, the London skyline, a nude study or a perfect rendition of a vintage car or even that of a retro toy, you will find it with us, amongst our diverse range of contemporary hyperrealist art.


Plus One Gallery represents established artists from the foundation days of hyperrealism such as John Salt together with talented emerging artists of the modern generation such as Tom Martin.



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